Video Posted June 16, 2013

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Study - Pen & Wash on Arches Cold Pressed - 18cm x 26cm; 7" x 10"

My previous photo of this was taken at night indoors, so the color was too warm.  This photo was taken in daylight outdoors and is much more accurate color wise.


mico said...

I noticed your painting in "virtual paintout" and I decide to see more of your work. quite difficult to believe this is one of your first watercolor paintings! this technique seems to be perfect for the subjects you choose to paint. I very much like the results.

mico said...

I saw your watercolor on "virtual paintout" this morning and I reaaly liked it. you seem to use a large palette of colors as you would do with oils and the result is very nice. hard to believe you are only starting with this medium! bravo!

Rick Harder said...

thanks ever so much for taking the time to comment